Professional and friendly support for writers.

Personalized Help With Your Writing

Each writer is unique. No matter where you are with your project, I can help you create a plan that works specifically for you. Sessions can be a one-off situation or a long-term arrangement.



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⇩ Script Notes

Script development is my passion and this comes across in the care I put into my script notes.

This service provides:

  • A one hour Skype session where I will give you a detailed, analytical, constructive, realistic and supportive feedback on every element of the script including presentation, story, structure, dialogue, characterization, tone, pace, genre and marketability.
  • Written report of above available for an additional fee.

⇩ Script Development

3 Months

This is an intensive period of development support on one project.

This service provides:

  • A thorough read of your chosen project followed by a detailed notes session.
  • A plan for elevating your project to industry standards.
  • Constructive feedback via Skype sessions on multiple drafts (up to a maximum of 4 drafts).
  • Deadlines for each rewrite.
  • An agreed date in advance for each feedback session.
  • Feedback on supporting materials such as Pitch docs, CV, etc.

⇩ Screenwriting Mentoring

6 & 12 Months

This is an intensive period of developing and elevating your portfolio to industry standards.

This Service provides:

  • Focus on your screenwriting goals and ambitions and professional advice on how to advance your screenwriting career.
  • Constructive face-to-face feedback via Skype session on multiple drafts of your projects, up to a maximum of every three weeks.
  • Deadlines for each rewrite.
  • Feedback on supporting materials. (Pitch docs, CV, etc.)
  • Review of additional early-stage ideas.


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⇩ Manuscript Assessment

As a writer, you can become so close to your material that you stop being able to see it clearly. An objective eye can really help.

A professional editor can tell you if the structure holds together, the story makes sense, the dialogue and pace are effective, and so much more...

This service provides:

  • A detailed written evaluation of your manuscript with an overview of its strengths and weaknesses, including suggestions for improvements.
  • Follow up e-mail correspondence (or phone call) to answer any questions you may have regarding the above.

Reports generally take between 4-6 weeks but the specific time-frame will be agreed upon before we begin. The average length is between 5 and 10 pages.

⇩ Manuscript Development & Mentorships

If you are seeking long term support, I occasionally take on writers for mentorships focusing on individual projects, complete bodies of work and career goals.


⇩ Developmental Materials and Query Letters

How you present your work is essential. Piquing the interest of a potential backer or agent is of great importance. It’s often difficult for writers to sell themselves or to distill their own work down for presentation purposes, especially if they've been in development for ages. I can help assure that your pitch documents best represent your project and you as a writer.